Hodlbot Review - An Insight Into the Hodlbot Portfolio Management Platform

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Hodlbot is a web-based cryptocurrency trading bot focused on portfolio management. It connects to exchanges via APIs to automate trades and rebalances. This hands-off approach to crypto investment helps reduce risk and improve returns. It is also a great solution for new traders that may not be comfortable with the technical details of trading.

HodlBot follows the industry’s standard security practices with a secured server configuration through HTTPS and backend encryption for its API keys. It also cautions users to avoid allowing withdrawals through their API keys, a protection that can prevent hackers from stealing user funds and accessing their accounts. Hodlbot also offers two-factor authentication, which is a very welcome addition to the platform’s offerings.

The interface for hodlbot is straightforward and clean, making it easy to use. The platform is very intuitive and features an in-depth documentation area, which helps users get acclimated to the services provided by the bot. It also provides a comprehensive support channel where you can ask questions and receive answers from Hodlbot representatives.

However, despite its user-friendly nature and impressive list of features, hodlbot does have some shortcomings that might prevent you from using it. For starters, it isn’t a full-fledged crypto trading bot and should only be used for its rebalancing capabilities. If you’re looking to engage in active trading, it would be wise to check out more robust solutions like Quadency and Bitsgap, both of which offer a full suite of tools for investors.

David Sunnyside
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