Holosun 515GM Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

The holosun 515gm review is a micro red dot sight that can be mounted to any rifle or carbine. It features a QD mount, kill flash and clear flip-up lens covers that protect the lenses from accidental blows or abrasions. The optic is made from aluminium with a hard anodised finish. The shrouded windage and elevation turrets are a great feature as they will be protected from unexpected blows that can happen in the heat of the moment when shooting. It has 12 brightness settings, Green Super LED with up to 50k hours of battery life, multiple reticle system and shake awake technology that will activate at the slightest movement and will power down when it senses no movement.

This micro-red dot scope is a top-notch choice for any shooter. It features the innovative Multiple Reticle System that allows you to swap between a 2 MOA dot and 65 MOA circle reticle without needing to re-zero. The HS-515GM also has the latest LED technology that helps it to squeeze up to 5 years of use out of a single CR2032 battery.

David Sunnyside
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