Home Invasion Episode 6 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

invasion episode 6 review

Home Invasion is the shortest episode of Invasion so far, and it is also the most exclusively Aneesha-focused. It follows Aneesha and her family as they attempt to survive in a house where extraterrestrial beings are hunting them down.

It is not the best episode in the season so far but it is certainly a solid start. It is very well executed, with plenty of genuine thrills and spills, as it re-enacts the classic 'home invasion' subgenre.

The episode starts with a chilling and terrifying cold open, as Aneesha, her husband Ahmed and their son Luke return home to find that they have been attacked by aliens. She quickly realizes that they need to hide in the safety of their own home, despite it being in the middle of nowhere.

But she is not alone, as the aliens have already taken out a number of other families, including Ahmed's brother Patrick. They have also mutilated the military convoy they were following, which makes them even more frightening.

Aneesha decides to go back to her family, but before she gets there she is forced to stop the ambulance and rush down the road in the opposite direction, which was a bit cheesy and made me want to turn around but it was actually quite a good move on this show's part. The devastation she finds as she returns to the ruined highway was creepy and tense, almost like a 28 Days Later episode but not so much.

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