Homtom Review - A Closer Look at the Homtom S9 Plus

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

A lot of mobile technology will be on display at what is one of the world’s biggest technology fairs, MWC, which is taking place in Barcelona this year. One of the many Chinese companies that have guaranteed their presence there will be Homtom, a brand that already has a few different products available on the market.

The company’s latest release lands in the budget mid-range section of the Android device spectrum. It’s called the HOMTOM S9 Plus and is a 6-inch smartphone that features a familiar all-metal design with minimal bezels and most of the technologies users can expect from modern Android smartphones.

It’s powered by a Mediatek system-on-chip and offers 4GB of RAM for a smooth and reliable performance. The HOMTOM S9 Plus comes with several customization tools that make it easier for users to use the phone. For example, the Screen Assistant tool puts a moveable icon on the screen that, when tapped, will give users quick access to accessibility switches and gestures.

The HOMTOM S9 Plus also features some cool tricks such as its own built-in QR code scanner. The camera isn’t the best, however, and can be prone to focusing issues and inconsistent image quality. Overall, though, the HOMTOM S9 Plus is a great option for budget buyers looking to get flagship power and design at a price that’s hard to beat.

David Sunnyside
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