Hornady Bore Driver FTX Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

hornady bore driver ftx review

Hornady is a world-leading innovator of high-performance ammunition. The company has an extensive track record of developing bullets and cartridges that set new standards for accuracy, terminal performance, and overall function in precision centerfire rifle cartridges.

The Bore Driver FTX is the latest innovation from Hornady. It combines all of that experience with a muzzleloader bullet designed for controlled expansion at low velocities.

At its heart is the polymer base, not a sabot, that seals the bore to deliver maximum energy transfer and accuracy atop the FTX bullet featuring a rugged gilding metal jacket coupled with patented FlexTip technology and an InterLock ring for the ultimate in on-game lethality.

The FTX bullet has an InterLock ring that locks the lead core to the copper alloy jacket for maximum weight retention and improved expansion. This enables the FTX to penetrate deeply through tough hide and bone of big game animals with good energy transfer.

In addition, the polymer base features a post that fits into the bottom of the FTX bullet and swells in diameter at ignition for better torque engagement from inside the FTX and the centering petals grip the bullet’s boattail while the skirt engages the rifling to maximize energy transmission.

In tests, the FTX reliably initiated expansion even at low velocities with an average of.25 inches more penetration than the same bullet pushed with a lower powder charge. This is because the FTX’s FlexTip “balloons” within the lead core and copper jacket composite to initiate a controlled expansion that’s consistent across the whole length of the FTX.

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