How Accurate is Meater Ambient Temperature Reading?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Meater is a smart meat thermometer made by Apption Labs that pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. The probe has an internal sensor that can measure up to 212F and an ambient temperature probe that goes even higher (up to 527F). The company recommends placing the probe into a steak, brisket or chicken, and putting it into your smoker or grill so the probe is in the middle of the cut and not touching a bone.

Once the Meater is in your cooker it keeps track of the temperature of your meat, the ambient air temperature and the cooking time to reach your target internal temperature. It will alert you to remove your meat when the recommended cook time is nearly finished, and it will also let you know how long the meat should rest afterward.

One of the main issues some people have with the Meater is that the ambient temperature reading in the app will be inaccurate at the beginning of a cook, and will continue to be inaccurate as your food is cooking. This is because the probe is so close to the meat that it reads a low ambient temperature, which rises as the meat’s temperature gets warmer.

The company has a FAQ that points out this is an issue with their probe design, and that it’s best to use it in conjunction with a dome thermometer or another digital thermometer for the most accurate results. They also note that if the Meater probe is exposed to temperatures over 212F for extended periods of time, it can cause damage.

David Sunnyside
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