How Accurate is the Yuka App?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Aiming to improve diet and skin health by analyzing the ingredients of food and cosmetic products, Yuka is an objective and independent project. It evaluates each product in its database, based on public sources and expert evaluation by a team of nutritionists, food experts, and cosmetologists. The app then provides a rating of the products, indicating how they can impact your health: good, mediocre, or bad. It also provides recommendations of healthier alternatives for each scanned product.

It Is Easy to Use

The Yuka app is free, and scanning a product takes just seconds. Once a product has been analyzed, it’s saved under the History tab. Users can tap on the arrow next to a product to see more details about why it was given its rating, including links to scientific research. It’s also worth pointing out that, unlike some similar apps, Yuka is fiercely independent and refuses to accept any money from brands or manufacturers.

It May Not Be Accurate

Although the yuka app is designed to be objective and impartial, there are still a number of issues that could potentially impact its accuracy. For example, some nutritionists and other health professionals have criticized the way that the app uses science to form its analyses and ratings, and how it classifies foods as either “good” or “bad.” The yuka app is not intended to be used as a replacement for professional medical advice, so should not be relied on solely as a source of information.

David Sunnyside
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