How Close is Canada to Russia?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

There is no direct overland route from Canada to Russia, as the two countries are separated by the Bering Strait. However, swimmers have successfully completed the crossing between the Russian island of Big Diomede and the Canadian island of Little Diomede as a peace gesture during the Cold War.

Travelers who are interested in visiting Russia should be aware of the country’s diverse climates and conditions. The northern regions of the country, near the Arctic Circle, are extremely cold and snowy. Those who wish to visit these areas should prepare appropriately by packing warm clothing and appropriate footwear. In addition, visitors should be aware of the current political situation and security risks in Russia. The best time to travel to Russia is during the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn, when temperatures are milder and crowds are smaller.

Russia is a dangerous place for tourists, as crime against foreigners is common. Travelers should avoid large crowds and open markets, as criminals may target unsuspecting victims. They should also carry a photocopy of their passport and visa at all times. It is advisable to travel in groups with a reputable tour agency, as this will increase their safety and decrease the risk of theft.

Due to its geographic location and history, Russia has many distinct cultural traditions and beliefs. The culture is heavily influenced by its Slavic, Eastern Orthodox, and Soviet heritage. In addition, the country has a wide range of natural resources, including oil and gas, which contribute to its economy.

David Sunnyside
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