How Did Bob Williams Die?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Bob Williams was a prominent figure in BC politics for decades. He was a city planner in Vancouver and a member of the provincial legislature, having made significant contributions to business and co-operative economics. His name is dotted across the physical and political landscape of the province, from Whistler Town Centre to Robson Square, and from the Agricultural Land Reserve to the Insurance Corporation of BC.

The jury is hearing testimony from Dr. Jillian Cutler, an addiction specialist who has treated Williams for several years. She says he was on an unusual amount of drugs when he confessed to killing Corporal Cole, and would not have been in a position to make rational decisions. She says he was likely under the influence of methamphetamine and marijuana on the day of the killing, which could explain why he was so aggressive with police.

On a chair near the body, investigators found an iPad, two different kinds of anti-depressants (Mirtazapene and Seroquel), and an engraved pocketknife. Susan Williams told investigators her husband often receives gifts from USO tours with the military, and the knife is likely one of those. There were no signs of a struggle, and the neck ligature was secured with a belt.

The 1981 interview between engineer Bob Williams (not to be confused with astronomer Robert Williams, who received a NASA medal) and reporter Gil Noble from the television show Like It Is has been trending on social media in recent days. The program formerly aired from 1968 until 2011, and focused on issues affecting the black community.

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