How Did Elvis Get Fat?

February 20, 2024
David Sunnyside

Elvis Presley was a global sex symbol in his lifetime, but by the end of his life he looked very different to the man who had captivated fans all over the world. He was much heavier, bloated and had lost the very figure that made him famous. Many fans started to wonder how did elvis get fat, especially when motels that he had stayed at reported that he consumed enough to feed a family of four.

His unhealthy eating habits and addictions to drugs also contributed to his rapid weight gain. He would eat huge amounts of junk food, particularly southern comfort foods such as fried chicken and burgers. He also loved sweet treats such as ice cream and cake.

In addition to his unhealthy diet, he regularly took a number of illegal and prescription drugs including heroin, codeine and sedatives. This led to chronic constipation and a distended abdomen. Elvis often tried to lose weight by following extreme diets, such as only eating Jell-O for weeks at a time. He also resorted to dangerously restrictive practices like induced comas in an attempt to lose weight.

Despite his swollen face and large stomach, Elvis never had the classic 'fat' appearance that is often associated with obesity. He had big arms and legs but a slim face and chest. He even had a small back compared to most people of his size. Despite his bad health choices, Elvis remained an immensely popular performer with millions of fans.

David Sunnyside
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