How Did Faye Die God Of War?

January 8, 2024
David Sunnyside

How Did Faye Die God Of War

The character of Faye is a pivotal one in the narrative of the latest installment in the God Of War franchise. As the wife of Kratos and mother of their son Atreus, her death is what sets the events of God Of War Ragnarok in motion. She is a powerful Giant and a descendant of both Ymir and Bergelmir. She is also a renowned warrior in her own right, having fought the Aesir and their king, Odin, on several occasions.

While there is no canon information regarding her death, many fans have come up with their own theories on how she died. One of the most popular theories involves her contracting some kind of illness that led to her passing. This would make sense given that she was not immortal like the Gods and therefore wouldn’t be immune to illnesses.

Another theory is that she died as a result of the destruction caused by Thor. This was a particularly brutal attack on the Jotunn, and Faye herself was not spared. She was fighting alongside her kin in Vanaheim when he struck, and she even managed to take him on in a duel that ended in a stalemate.

While she did not survive, she was able to warn her son of the coming attack. She pleaded with him to help his fellow Giants, and her final words were for him to “do what you must do.” This was perhaps the most powerful part of her entire speech and shows just how much she cared about her family and her cause.

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