How Did Faye Die?

December 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

The news of Faye’s death in Falldale was shocking and sad for everyone that knew her. Those who were close to her can remember how much of a sweet, kind, and compassionate person she was. She was always willing to help others, regardless of whether she would get anything out of it. This is something that Atreus inherited from her and tries to live by as well. It’s no wonder why she is adored by so many people, even in the Viking Age.

The real reason for her death was never revealed, but it’s not hard to imagine why she died. It’s possible that her fight with Thor left lasting damage on her body, and she ultimately succumbed to it. But it’s also possible that she was simply sick and tired of being a warrior who fought for the Jotnar and Odin.

There is no way to know for sure what exactly happened to her, but her parents are doing their best to move on with their lives. They’ve found comfort in her belongings, such as the bow she used to teach Atreus to use or the kindness rocks that are spread around Springdale. They’ve also come to find that it is easier to be happy when they are surrounded by those who make them smile. They’ve also been helped by the fact that they can still hear her voice whenever they need her most. It’s a wonderful thing to see, but it also makes her loss all the more heartbreaking.

David Sunnyside
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