How Digitization Has Advanced Science and Scientific Investigations

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

As the technology of computers has improved, it has enabled the simulation of natural phenomena to become a third modality of scientific investigation, on a par with theory and experimentation. Today's computers are powerful enough to model a wide variety of complex physical systems, from the molecules that comprise a physical system to the stars that compose a galaxy. In some cases, these computer models have outperformed the results of experimentation.

The digitization of information enables libraries to transfer the contents of books and other materials into digital formats that can be stored on computer storage media such as magnetic tape or disks. The information can then be transmitted over the Internet to individuals anywhere in the world with minimal degradation of the original signal. This process is known as digitization, and it has revolutionized communication, commerce, and education.

Digitization also allows researchers to communicate with one another electronically, thereby speeding up their research and sharing their findings with colleagues worldwide. For example, research groups that cannot afford subscriptions to a number of important science journals can still have access to the articles via the Internet. This is a huge advance over the days when such publications were only available to people who could afford hefty subscriptions or visit a library that had copies.

The digitization of business processes enables companies to optimize their operations and save costs. This process is called digitalization, and it entails the use of software tools such as workflow management systems and robotic process automation to automate tasks, improve efficiency, and increase accuracy and productivity.

David Sunnyside
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