How Do You Get Alliance Technology Points?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

When members help each other build and improve buildings, research Alliance technologies, heal troops and even train Behemoths they earn credits. These credits are automatically credited to the Alliance. There are also several ways to earn extra Alliance credits. Purchasing Bundles from the Alliance Shop or destroying Darkling Fortresses, for instance, gives players a bonus in the form of a Stone Chest containing Alliance Credits. In addition, Alliance members receive Alliance Gifts, a special kind of chest, whenever they participate in events like the Ark of Orisis. These are often filled with valuable items as well as a few credits.

Another way to get Alliance Credits is donating resources to the alliances' technology research. This helps every member of the Alliance, regardless of their rank, as the researched technologies grant bonuses to the entire Alliance. These bonuses range from development technologies, such as an increase in the speed of accumulating resources or construction and research time, to battle technologies like an increased march size or reduction in casualties.

In order to donate resources to Alliance Technology, you need to go to the Alliance menu and select the 'Technology' option. From there, you'll see all the available technologies, their level requirements and the amount of resources each can be donated. Higher clearance Alliance members can set one technology as a priority, which will enable them to focus their donations on that specific tech and level it up faster. In return, they will receive additional Alliance Contribution Points and be among the top contributors of the day or week.

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