How Do You Say Pizza in Spanish?

December 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

When it comes to pizza, many people around the world have a love for it that crosses borders. This global love has led to various regional variations in the way that a pizza is prepared. One of these variations is the language used when ordering a pizza.

In the United States, it is common to use the Spanish word for pizza when ordering a pie. However, there are also many different ways that people say pizza in Spanish, depending on where they live. In the article below, we will explore how to order a pizza in Spanish and some of the most popular topping requests.

The first step in learning how to say pizza in Spanish is breaking it down into its sounds. This can be done by having the students practice articulating the word out loud, then by recording themselves. Using these recordings, the students can identify which sounds they are pronouncing incorrectly and work on fixing them. In Spanish, the vowels sound much different than in English. It is important for the students to understand how these differences impact pronunciation.

Once the students have mastered the pronunciation of the word, they can move onto learning the vocabulary for pizza ingredients. Creating flashcards with the words on one side and pictures on the other is a great way for students to memorize the vocabulary. These flashcards can then be divided into carnes (meats), vegetales (vegetables), and especias (spices). The students can then practice taking turns ordering a pizza from each other, following the script you provide them with. Then, they can compare each other’s orders to see if they have correctly understood the vocabulary.

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