How Do You Spell Stretchy?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Stretchy is a word that describes elastic materials that can expand and recover their shape. Stretchy fabrics are commonly used for clothing, athletic shoes, and workout equipment because they allow the wearer to move freely without feeling constricted. This flexibility also makes them useful in a number of other applications. For example, stretchy fabric is often used in place of wires or rods for holding items in storage or for securing a hemline on a garment.

A recent peer-reviewed paper by Gray, Danforth, and Dodds examined the linguistic dynamics of purposely misspelling and mistyping stretched words in casual correspondence. The researchers found that the ubiquity of these misspellings in social media posts and text messages is creating new lexical norms that can be challenging for dictionaries to keep up with.

The paper's title, "Hahaha, Duuuuude, Yeeeessss!" playfully incorporates three different examples of stretchable words that are often misspelled to demonstrate the extent to which these new lexical norms are spreading. The paper's authors argue that a certain amount of stretchiness is necessary for humorous speech, but that lexicographers must balance this need with the need to maintain clarity and correct spelling in written communication.

If you are having trouble remembering how to spell the word stretchy try separating out the letters and practicing them individually. This will help you to remember the individual sounds that each letter makes and make it easier for you to spell. You can also use this method when trying to remember the spelling of names or other long words.

David Sunnyside
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