How Do You Use a NordicTrack Treadmill in Manual Mode?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

NordicTrack treadmills are among the most popular home exercise equipment options. They are loved by both beginners and professionals for their ability to keep fitness and health goals on track. They also offer iFit technology, which allows users to create and run workouts with a variety of interactive programming. However, not everyone wants or needs iFit, especially since it comes at an additional cost. So, if you have a nordictrack treadmill, can you use it in manual mode? This article will answer this question and provide helpful tips to make sure your equipment works well without iFit.

How Do You Use a Nordictrack Treadmill in Manual Mode?

While most of NordicTrack's workout programs are designed around iFit, the company does understand that not everyone is interested in or ready for this level of interaction. This is why they include a free 1 month trial with most treadmills and allow you to opt out of iFIT subscription at any time. While you'll lose out on some of the advanced features that iFit offers, most of your past records will remain and your machine can still be used as normal with a few built-in workouts.

iFit is an all-in-one health and fitness platform that works on smartphones, tablets, and — yes — nordictrack machines. It's a great way to track a variety of health factors, including steps, heart rate, and sleep habits. It also has a huge roster of workouts, including thousands of world-trail videos that your treadmill can follow and automatically adjust to match the terrain. However, some people aren't comfortable with giving up their email address and credit card information to an app that requires them to renew a subscription, or simply don't want to pay the fees associated with iFit.

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