How Does Brake Override Technology Improve Safety?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The answer to that question lies in a simple, yet life-saving piece of automotive technology known as brake override. Often called “smart pedal” or a similar name, the system disables the engine when the accelerator and brake are pressed simultaneously.

It does so by using a combination of sensor technology, including accelerator pedal sensors, brake light switch circuitry and vehicle speed sensors. BOT can distinguish between when a driver accidentally presses the accelerator and brake at the same time, as well as times when a driver purposefully uses both pedals for hill starts or rocking the car to improve traction in snow. For example, the system will not activate when a manual-equipped Nissan is being driven in heel-and-toe mode to downshift for a corner, because that is a legitimate driving technique and requires simultaneous use of both pedals.

Nissan first introduced the technology with its 2002 Infiniti Q45, and then made it standard on all vehicles in 2004. It is currently offered on all Nissan and Infiniti models, and in addition to reducing the risk of unintended acceleration, it has the added benefit of cutting off the engine in the event of a rollover accident.

Brake override is one of many technologies being used to reduce the number of deaths caused by cars that suddenly accelerate or stop while on the road. Although some lawmakers have called for a mandatory implementation of the feature in all automobiles, not all manufacturers have committed to it. The good news is that Nissan is leading the way with a system that will reduce the risk of an accident for a mere push of a button.

David Sunnyside
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