How Does the Ghoster Feel After Ghosting Someone?

December 21, 2023
David Sunnyside

In some cases, the ghoster might feel some sense of relief after they’ve ghosted someone. This feeling might stem from a desire to avoid confrontation or from the realization that the relationship was toxic and negative. The feeling of relief may also come from the fact that they’ve removed the person from their life completely and have no obligation to communicate with them in the future.

The ghoster may miss the person they ghosted as time goes on, even though they never officially ended the relationship. This might prompt them to text you as if the ghosting incident never happened, hoping that you will reply like nothing ever went wrong. This situation can be difficult to handle and might lead to further confusion.

Another reason the ghoster might come back is because they start to realize that they have some remorse for their behavior. This might be triggered by an encounter with their friend or family member who reminds them of the way that they treated you. The ghoster might also have a change of heart after they’ve been pushed away from their circle of friends or acquaintances by the same type of behavior.

In addition, the ghoster might have realized that they were exhibiting signs of emotional immaturity when they originally ghosted you. As time passes and they grow as a person, the ghoster might come to the realization that their actions were unfair and hurtful and regret that they didn’t give the relationship a proper ending.

David Sunnyside
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