How Does the Trojan Vibrating Ring Work?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

A cock ring is a small, stretchy ring that fits around the base of a man’s penis, and is designed to keep the penis hard and last longer during sex. Some models also have a vibrator in them that can provide clitoral stimulation during intercourse, and can help women reach orgasm more easily and quickly.

Many people use cock rings for solo masturbation, but others can enjoy them with a partner during sex, as well. They offer a variety of vibration modes and intensities, so you can find the right setting for both of you. They’re a great alternative to a small, bullet-shaped vibrator, and are easy to put on and remove.

Most of these devices take a small button-cell battery, usually the type used in watches. They may be packaged with a “battery safety tab” that must be removed to complete the circuit and allow power to flow through the device. Toys that require batteries should be cleaned thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap, or a special sex toy cleaner.

Trojan, a Church & Dwight brand, gave out a few hundred of these devices from trucks that roamed New York City last summer, and was planning to give them away again this year, along with condoms. The company says that it is trying to challenge stigmas associated with sex toys, which are often seen as “adult toys,” and is hoping to encourage men and women to be more open about sex.

David Sunnyside
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