How Far Is Bulgaria From Russia?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

How far is bulgaria from russia

If you’re planning on a money transfer from Russia to Bulgaria, it pays to compare the options. RemitFinder’s comparison platform lets you inspect all the top currency service providers in a single place, helping you to save time and find the best deal. You can also get a free RUB to Bulgaria Lev exchange rate alert, so you’ll know when the rates are at their lowest and can strike when the market is right.

Bulgarian politicians have been criticised for echoing Kremlin talking points about the war in Ukraine, with the defence minister dismissed last year after voicing support for Moscow’s actions. But these pro-Russian views are not new and they’re likely to remain a constant in the political landscape – even in a government led by Kiril Petkov, who campaigned for a Bulgaria that tackles corruption and embraces a westward path.

Thousands of Russian tourists have had to make costly detours from Bulgaria’s popular ski resorts to return home due to restrictions on the movement of travellers. Tour operators like Bon Tour say they’re assisting about 25 to 30 Russian tourists a day to leave the country.

Many remittance companies offer cash pickups in Bulgaria to speed up the process. This way, the funds travel straight from your bank account to your recipient’s, cutting out the middlemen and reducing fees. When comparing providers, look for those that don’t charge extra for using their services.

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