How Fast Can an Eagle Dive Bomb a Duck?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

A video that has been making the rounds on social media shows a bald eagle trying to nab a very clever waterfowl. The bird dives down over and over again but the duck just keeps dodging it’s talons. It was filmed by the Nature is Metal Instagram account which has a large following that appreciates its uncensored portrayal of animals. It has gained high profile followers such as Joe Rogan who enjoys its “raw honesty”.

Typically, a hawk will stalk its prey silently from above, then dive-bomb it at high speeds to capture the unsuspecting animal. They hunt a variety of animals including small mammals such as mice and rats, reptiles, insects, fish, and birds.

The bald eagle is America’s national bird and is well known for its elegance in flight, skilled hunting and majestic strength. But a lesser-known fact is that they can swim!

It was recorded this week by a Maple Ridge man at a traffic stop on Lougheed Highway and Abernethy Way. Redditor Barrax24 was en route to work when he spotted a bald eagle standing on the grassy median near the intersection and quickly pulled out his phone. Within minutes the eagle was being bombarded by crows diving for it’s life.

Bald eagles have excellent eyesight that is four or five times better than humans. They can see ultraviolet light and have a 340 degree field of view. They can also hover for extended periods of time. They can fly as fast as a Peregrine Falcon in horizontal flight but can reach far higher speeds when they swoop down on their prey in a dive or stoop.

David Sunnyside
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