How Has Technology Changed Farming Apex?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The agriculture industry is fast embracing technology to scale and speed up crop cultivation. The latest technology in farming is boosting yields, optimizing the use of water and fertilizers, and building sustainable farming practices. These technological advancements are being powered by connectivity and data. These technologies include remote sensing and GPS technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning, connected sensors, and IoTs.

One of the most popular innovations in farming is a drone that is used to scan and monitor fields. This allows farmers to get a comprehensive look at their crops and identify problems such as pests, diseases, or soil conditions. Farmers can then take the appropriate action to correct these issues to improve crop production.

This new technology is especially beneficial for farmers in regions with drought conditions or climate change. Moreover, this technology reduces manual labor in the field and helps farmers manage their time efficiently by eliminating menial and recurring tasks. It also helps them spend more time with their family.

Another example of agricultural technology is a machine that can grow and harvest crops at the optimal stage. Its sensors detect the condition of the plant and adjusts the watering schedule accordingly, leading to higher yields and healthier plants. This type of technology is allowing farmers to produce more food to keep up with the rising demand for food in the world.

The implementation of this technology also allows for a reduction in the use of chemicals, which in turn, is better for the environment. However, this technology requires a high initial investment which could be restrictive for some smaller farms. It also requires specific knowledge of machine learning and AI, which some farmers may not have.

David Sunnyside
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