How High Can Spider-Man Jump?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Marvel's superhero Spider-Man has a variety of powers including super-strength, the ability to climb walls, fast reflexes and a heightened sixth sense known as "spider-sense". While his strength is superior to many human powerlifters and bodybuilders, he does not quite match the god-like strength of characters like Thor and the Hulk.

He can also shoot organic webs from his wrists that travel at speeds of up to 54 mph. And he can heal from most wounds faster than the average person. However, losing a limb or suffering from permanent brain damage would be fatal to him.

How high can spider-man jump?

In the PS4 game, there's a gauge on the screen that shows Spider-Man's height as he leaps into the air. Some guides say he can jump the width of a freeway lane, which is about 12 feet. But others claim he can leap as high as a city block, which is about 40 feet.

Despite his amazing jumping abilities, Spider-Man still relies on his webbing and agility to take down enemies. But he will occasionally bust out a good old-fashioned jump to go toe-to-toe with someone.

The best way to see him leaping is at the Avengers Campus show at Disney California Adventure in Disneyland Resort. The show is a combination of live performer and robotics. The live performer will come out, dazzle the crowd and then disappear behind a building where a stunt double will launch into the air to soar through the sky and strike a hero pose.

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