How is Accenture Addressing the Emerging Market for Quantum Computing?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The exploration of quantum computing is growing rapidly, driven by the anticipated business value and competitive advantage it will deliver. As the global leader in professional services Accenture is well positioned to help businesses prepare for this new era.

A key challenge for IT leaders will be determining when quantum computing makes economic sense. Unlike today’s conventional computers, which are available in the cloud and relatively inexpensive, quantum computers will be expensive. As a result, putting the wrong jobs on quantum hardware could prove costly. That’s why researchers Neil Thompson and Sukwoong Choi from MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) have developed a framework to help tech-savvy business leaders evaluate quantum computing’s potential before it’s widely available.

The framework is called the “Quantum Economic Advantage” test, and it examines whether a problem is both big enough to benefit from quantum computing and small enough to enjoy its algorithmic advantage. It also considers the cost of running a classical computer on a similar task, and it defines the point at which quantum becomes more economical than a classical machine.

To help businesses navigate the emerging market for quantum computing, Accenture and IonQ have partnered to accelerate business experimentation with the technology across organizations globally and industries. By leveraging Accenture’s deep experience and expertise in quantum computing, along with IonQ’s mastery of the technology, they will create industry solutions that enable more companies to become quantum ready. This will include a focus on developing real use cases that demonstrate the practical value of the technology.

David Sunnyside
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