How Long Can Spiders Live Without Food?

January 27, 2024
David Sunnyside

Spiders are a fascinating group of creatures. They are known for their remarkable resilience and survival skills that can help them survive harsh conditions. One question that often arises is how long can a spider live without food? The answer to this varies from species to species, but it is usually around three weeks.

Like all cold-blooded animals, spiders have a very slow metabolism. In addition, they are carnivorous animals that acquire a lot of energy from their meat-based diets. These factors combined with their stationary predatory lifestyle and low-efficiency hunting policies help them to survive long periods of time without eating.

Moreover, spiders also have the ability to store water in their bodies, which they can use during times of fasting or when prey is scarce. This is due to their two-gut system. Their foregut stores the food they consume and their hindgut digests it. The foregut then releases the resulting nutrients into their bloodstream. This is why it can take up to a week for a spider to fully digest a meal.

Additionally, many of the proteins that are absorbed by a spider’s body can also be used to create webs. This reduces the amount of energy that the spider needs to spend on creating protein. This is why it’s important to feed your spider a well-balanced diet that includes both vegetables and proteins.

Most pet spiders are opportunistic feeders and will eat when they are hungry, regardless of the time of day it is. However, it’s best to stick to a feeding schedule so that your spider doesn’t run out of food or develop an unhealthy weight. If your spider is not eating enough, try increasing the size of the food you offer to them. For example, if you are feeding your Jumping Spider crickets, try to gradually increase the number of crickets you feed them every three days.

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