How Long Will Target Hold My Pickup Order?

April 3, 2024
David Sunnyside

Whether you’re shopping online for pickup at a Target store or using their Drive Up service, your credit card is charged at the time the order is shipped, ready to be picked up, or released for pickup. The reason it’s done this way is to verify that you have the money on your account to pay for your purchase. It’s a common practice by restaurants and hotels to ensure your bill is paid, but also works well for online merchants who finalize their charges upon shipping.

As you’re checking out, Target will give you a breakdown of your order with the items listed as well as any applicable promotions or discounts and your total subtotal. Then they will list your estimated tax and delivery fee. The estimated tax may vary depending on the state you live in. The last step is to show your ID or proof of age to pick up the order. You can use the app to send your ID to the store ahead of time, or you can bring it with you.

In-Store Pickup

Most customers who choose to collect their orders in store will have them ready within two hours of placing the order. That’s because Target employees are incentivized to be quick and accurate, with accuracy ratings based on how many correct items they can get to you in that window of time.

But the policy page on the Target website notes that some stores can take up to six hours to prepare an order, which is likely due to newer locations training team members and older ones relocating staff to more efficient areas. It also states that any Drive Up orders not picked up in three days will be canceled and refunded, though shoppers can request an extension on their app.

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