How Many Beers Are in a Newcastle Mini Keg?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

How many beers are in a newcastle mini keg?

A newcastle mini keg holds the equivalent of 14 standard 12 ounce beers. This size keg is great for smaller parties and intimate gatherings and allows you to enjoy draft beer without the commitment of larger keg sizes such as a sixth or quarter barrel keg.

Kegs are great for large parties or even a backyard BBQ, but a lot of people don’t have the space or desire to keep multiple kegs on hand at all times. Luckily, Heineken has come up with their own nifty little contraption dubbed the DraughtKeg, which is filled with Newcastle Brown Ale and claims to stay fresh and ready to pour for 30 days after opening.

The kegs are small enough to fit in most fridges, but also big enough for easy transporting from your garage or patio to the party. They also feature a built in tap and CO2 tank so you can serve up the perfect pint every time. And they’re compatible with all D System Sankey couplers, so you can use them on your existing kegerator or home draft beer system.

And if you’re a bit of a beer nerd, you might like to know that kegs are actually made of steel, not aluminum (like your cans or bottles). Kegs are designed to be used and stored indoors in a cold environment so they don’t get oxidized or have their flavor affected by the air or light. If you’re going to purchase a keg, consult our Keg Coupler List ahead of time to ensure the keg will work with your system.

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