How Many Devices Can Stream HBO Max at the Same Time?

January 7, 2024
David Sunnyside

When HBO Max launched in 2022, it offered a more robust library than HBO Now and the cabled-bundled version of its parent service. But the new service has since grown to become a one-stop shop for WarnerMedia programming, including the studio’s originals and a selection of classic films. As a result, you might be wondering how many devices can stream hbo max at the same time.

While you can only stream content on three different screens at the same time, HBO Max does offer a feature that helps prevent a fight over the remote. It supports up to five different user profiles, each with its own playlists, queues, and watching history. While these profiles can’t be used to unlock more simultaneous streams, they do make it easier for multiple people in the same household to use the service without getting confused.

The HBO Max app makes it easy to switch between profiles on phones, tablets, and computers. To select a profile, choose the profile icon (iPhone and iPad) or tap the settings cog (mobile devices and computer). To cancel streaming on a device, either sign out of that account on the app or click X next to it.

Those interested in trying out Max can do so for seven days with a free trial. However, the free trial doesn’t include access to any of the WarnerMedia originals or back catalog movies included with the service. That’s a bummer, but the service has a lot going for it if you want access to the latest TV shows and movies from the major studios.

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