How Many Flavors of Prime Are There?

January 17, 2024
David Sunnyside

If you're wondering how many flavors of prime are there, you'll be pleased to know that there are a total of 9 different regular flavors in the Prime Hydration line and 5 in the Prime Energy drink. This is not to mention the special limited edition flavors which can be found as well.

Whether you're relaxing on a beach with the refreshing Tropical Punch or unwinding after a workout with the nostalgic Ice Pop flavor, each prime flavor offers something different to the experience of drinking. In addition to being delicious, these flavors also encapsulate moments and transport you to the places where those memories were made.

For instance, a sip of the invigorating Orange Mango flavor is like being on a tropical beach and hearing the gentle breeze rustle nearby palm leaves. This is because it's a blend of the vivid and exotic Orange flavor and the luscious mango that's both invigorating and refreshing.

Another popular flavor is Lemon Lime, which is a perfect blend of the invigorating zest of lemon and the slightly mellower yet equally tangy taste of lime. This is the type of beverage that can brighten up a dark and gloomy day.

Two twenty-something YouTube stars, amateur boxing rivals KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji) from Hertfordshire in England and Logan Paul, created Prime. The pair has amassed over 40 million followers between them. In 2022, they created Prime Hydration to help people refresh and refuel, and it quickly became a hit. However, it has not been without controversy.

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