How Many Friday Movies Are There?

October 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Friday movies are one of the most hilarious stoner buddy comedy series out there. The films follow Craig Jones, an unemployed young man who gets into all sorts of situations with his family and friends. Whether they are trying to make ends meet or robbing a gang of Jokers, the Friday films are always entertaining. But how many friday movies are there? And what is the best way to watch them?

The first Friday movie was released in 1995. It was directed by F Gary Gray in his directorial debut. The film starred Ice Cube as Craig Jones, an unemployed young man living with his mother in South Central LA. Craig’s friend Smokey (Chris Tucker) gets into trouble with a local drug mafia, and the rest of the film is about their attempts to avoid the situation.

Five years after the release of the first Friday movie, a sequel was released called Next Friday. This was created by the same director, and starred the same cast as the original film. It was followed by a third installment in the franchise called Friday After Next, which was made in 2002.

The Friday films starred some of the biggest names in hip-hop at the time. These included Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Regina King, Mike Epps, Bernie Mac, Tiny Lister Jr, and more. The first Friday movie was a sleeper hit, and went on to become a cult classic. It also led to a short-lived animated series based on the films.

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