How Monster Ultra Chip Keeps Law

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

As Moore’s Law dwindles, chipmakers are looking for ways to boost performance. One strategy involves connecting smaller bits of silicon together to create a whole new chipset. The M1 Ultra takes it to a whole new level.

This Frankenstein’s monster chip combines two complete processors that work on different tasks to make a single CPU. It has the power of a high-end desktop processor and is capable of accelerating some artificial intelligence applications.

Apple says the M1 Ultra is a “monster of a chip” that can match the performance of dual Intel or AMD processors while using half the power. It supports unified memory for better efficiency and has the ability to process 18 8K video streams simultaneously. It also includes Apple’s Secure Enclave technology for data encryption, anti-exploitation programming to prevent remote attacks, and hardware-verified boot.

This chip drops with a very low chance when hunting rare or epic monsters and can be upgraded to the Ultra version instantly with a Dark Ruler or maxed Gem of Constancy. This upgrade only works in the Monster Chips section of your inventory.

David Sunnyside
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