How Much Are Eggs at Walmart?

December 1, 2023
David Sunnyside

When people walk down the egg aisle at Walmart, they're likely to find a variety of options. The store carries seven different brands of eggs and 27 variants including liquid egg products.

The most popular option is Great Value, which is the store's own brand of large eggs. They can be purchased at Walmart locations across the country for just over two dollars per carton, or about 22.2 cents per egg. Another popular choice is Marketside, which offers free-range, brown eggs. They cost a little more than Great Value, but they're often sold for the same price at many other supermarkets and can be used in a variety of recipes.

For those who are interested in picking up a jar of pickled eggs, the store also stocks several brands. These include Hannah's, Herb's, and 7 Farms. They're typically sold in jars that are 32 ounces or more and are a great choice for those who want to enjoy the taste of an authentic Southern delicacy.

In recent months, egg prices have spiked due to an avian flu outbreak that forced farmers to cull their flocks. However, Newsweek recently reported that a Walmart in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, was selling a dozen medium-sized eggs for just $2 a carton.

The store is reportedly offering this deal in order to attract shoppers, particularly those who may have been concerned about the recent spike in egg prices and accusations of price gouging. The company is also known to offer special pricing on certain items as a way of encouraging customers to purchase other items while they're at the store.

David Sunnyside
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