How Much Can King Kong Lift?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

The King Kong WOD is an all-out strength workout that challenges even the strongest of CrossFitters. With deadlift and squat cleans in the high triple digits, the goal of this workout is to strengthen your muscles and increase your max lift.

During the fight with Godzilla, Kong shows off his incredible leaping ability, jumping from the cargo hauler to the destroyer and aircraft carrier in only two bounds. He can also move with agility, squeezing through openings and climbing buildings with ease.

Kong is capable of crushing and throwing extremely heavy objects with relative ease, demonstrated when he throws a tree through the air to skewer a chopper and breaks free of an anchor chain that was restraining him. He is strong enough to crush a herd of dinosaurs like rag dolls, as well as smash a large iron gate off its hinges with one hand.

While on Skull Island, Kong overhears King Ghidorah’s call, which awakens other Titans around the world. While the call is intended to unite the monsters, Kong interprets it as a challenge and decides not to answer it.

Kong is a very intelligent creature, able to use the environment on Skull Island to his advantage and distinguish between friends and enemies. He recognizes Preston Packard and his men as enemies, but goes out of his way to rescue Mason Weaver from drowning. When battling Mechagodzilla, Kong recognizes that it is outmatched by the mechanical Titan and uses its axe to slam it into the ground. He can also wield a weapon with his hands, such as slicing the propeller from the ship’s back with a single blow.

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