How Much Do PC Builders Make?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Many people are interested in PC building as a hobby because it can be an exciting and rewarding activity. If you are an individual that has the attention to detail and concentration required for building computers, this may be your calling. It is possible to turn your computer-building skills into a profitable side business and make some extra cash. If you are able to build computers for a fair price, people will likely keep coming back to you for more services. Some additional services you can offer include cleaning the case, reapplying thermal paste, and other tasks that can add value to your service.

A custom-built computer can cost more than an off-the-shelf computer, but it is worth the extra money for a high-quality machine that will last longer and perform better. The extra money also pays for a warranty, which is helpful in the event of any issues with the computer. The extra money can also be used to add extra features, such as a faster hard drive or an improved cooling system.

The average PC can last up to five years, but if you do not have a high-quality PC built with your specific needs in mind, it will start to slow down much earlier. Buying a pre-built computer is an expensive choice that is not guaranteed to meet your specific needs. Building your own computer is a more affordable option that will last you for a long time.

David Sunnyside
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