How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in Seattle?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Uber drivers are not paid a salary. They are independent contractors who pay for their own car, insurance and other expenses. They also earn a percentage of each ride. The more rides you drive, the higher your earnings. Some drivers also make more money by taking advantage of peak hour surge pricing and driving incentives. On average, drivers in Seattle make about $21 per hour before expenses.

But many drivers don’t drive enough to make a decent living. In fact, one online earnings calculator suggests that a full-time Uber driver will only earn about $29,000 per year before taxes. That’s well below the median income for U.S. households. And it doesn’t take into account other expenses, such as gas, repairs and car maintenance.

As a result, many Uber drivers leave the company after only a few years. And even those who stick with the company face a difficult road ahead. Uber’s current rates are not competitive with those of traditional taxi companies, and the company has been hit by controversy over its classification of drivers as independent contractors rather than employees.

In a bid to increase earnings for drivers, Uber has launched a new guarantee program. This is similar to Uber’s tipping system, where passengers can choose to add a gratuity in addition to the fare they pay to the driver. Drivers can then see this total in their “Earnings” tab within the Uber app or online. The guaranteed amount will be credited to drivers’ accounts once the trip is complete.

David Sunnyside
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