How Much Does a Pool Weigh?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’re interested in purchasing a pool you will likely have some questions about how much it weighs. The weight of a pool depends on the amount of water it contains. A pool filled to capacity can be as heavy as a small car. Obviously this isn’t something that is easily transported, and requires a lot of power to lift or move.

The shell of a fiberglass pool is a major factor in the overall weight. A high quality, durable fiberglass pool should weigh between 2000-5000 lbs. A lightweight pool can be more prone to shifting or moving once installed which could cause problems later on.

A pool’s weight can also be increased by the addition of a deck. This is especially true if the deck has stairs or other features that add up to the total pool weight.

When determining the weight of a pool, you should also consider the depth and size of the shell. Larger pools require more material to be constructed and therefore have a higher weight. This is not necessarily a bad thing however as the larger pool can also be more stable once installed.

Slate pool tables typically have a one-inch thick bed. This is made from three separate slate pieces that are fitted together. This type of bed is preferred over wood because it is stronger, does not warp, and provides a better playing surface. Each individual slate piece in a slate bed can weigh between 150-250 pounds. This will also contribute to the overall pool table weight.

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