How Much Does Godzilla Really Weigh?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The biggest monster in the MonsterVerse is Godzilla. The towering lizard-dinosaur can walk across entire cities, whip his tail faster than a speeding bullet, and emit beams of atomic energy. But how much does this massive creature really weigh?

Despite his gigantic size, Godzilla is an incredible athlete. He can plow through the Golden Gate Bridge with ease, toss the female MUTOs around like toys, and lift MUTO Prime on his back — all while fighting off Kong. This is largely due to his advanced strength, which allows him to absorb damage and move his huge frame with ease.

However, the way Godzilla moves in his films is not realistic. In reality, large animals like titanosaurs move by using a system called "nerve conduction." Nerve signals travel quickly from your brain to your leg muscles. They travel at about 100 meters per second, meaning your legs get to work almost instantly. But for Godzilla, it would take a full second for those nerve signals to reach his feet.

Godzilla is also an expert swimmer. He can move through the ocean at a rapid rate by undulating his tail. In fact, he's even been able to elude the United States Navy. This is because Godzilla's body is covered in bony plates that are flexible and able to change shape depending on the position of his head and neck. As a result, Godzilla is capable of moving his massive frame with ease and evade the Navy's missiles.

David Sunnyside
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