How Much Force Does It Take To Crush A Watermelon?

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

Despite being tough, watermelon has some vulnerabilities. It can be crushed by a baseball bat, maces, swords, hatchets, large rocks, or even just falling down. Humans are almost indestructible in some ways, but exceedingly fragile in others.

The answer to the question “How much force does it take to crush a watermelon?” depends on the size of the melon, the puncher’s strength and technique, and the ripeness of the fruit. In general, the more a watermelon weighs and the harder it is, the greater the amount of force required to break it.

A pound of watermelon requires about 16,000 newtons of pressure to crush it. A skilled boxer can generate more than 24,000 newtons of force with a single punch. To compare, it takes approximately 2,400 pounds of force to push a car over 100 miles per hour.

Whether you’re crushing watermelons, squeezing apples, or breaking concrete blocks, the strength of your thigh muscles is important. The average person can put up to 200 pounds of force when squeezing a watermelon between their thighs.

YouTube powerlifter Megan Gallagher, who goes by the moniker Megsquats, wants to use her mighty thighs to inspire women and girls to be stronger. Her latest accomplishment is shattering world records. She beat the previous record for smashing three watermelons between her thighs in just 7.63 seconds. The feat was part of a launch for her GRRRL Clothing store in downtown Las Vegas. The store is meant to empower women and help them to shatter their own limiting beliefs.

David Sunnyside
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