How Much is a Galaxy Worth on TikTok?

February 13, 2024
David Sunnyside

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms on the market and it has a unique feature that allows users to support their favorite creators by sending them virtual gifts. These gifts range in price from a few coins to more than $100, and they are an effective way for fans to show their love for their favorite influencers and content creators on the platform. But how much is a galaxy worth on tiktok?

How to Know How Much a Galaxy Gift Is Worth On Tiktok

In order to support your favorite creator on a live stream, simply select the 'Gift' icon next to the 'Add Comment' feature. This will allow you to choose from a number of different choices set up at various prices, including the Galaxy gift which represents an eye-catching illustration of the universe. The Galaxy gift isn't the most expensive choice on the site, however, with a few items, such as the Lion, going for more than $400 dollars.

While the Galaxy gift isn't the most expensive option on the site, it does have a pretty high price tag of around $16-$19 in real money. This is because TikTok keeps a 50 percent commission on all virtual gifts sent to content creators from users, meaning that only half of the actual donation amount goes to the creator. For this reason, it's a good idea to contact your favorite creator directly and ask them for their PayPal, Venmo, or Cash app account information so that you can make direct financial transactions.

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