How Much Is a IO Hawk?

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

IO Hawk serves the B2C space and caters to Retail, Energy Tech, Travel and Hospitality Tech, Auto Tech and Transportation and Logistics Tech market segments. They offer a range of e-scooter rental options including short and long term rental. Users can book a vehicle by providing details such as the date and location and the vehicle will be delivered to them. They can also opt for pickup at their nearby rental store or free door delivery.

During CES 2015, IO Hawk unveiled its latest personal mobility device, the io Hawk 2.0. It's a high-tech skateboard and Segway mashup that moves intuitively as soon as you step on it, with just the slightest lean in any direction. Unlike traditional hoverboards, which have a steep learning curve, the io Hawk is easy to ride and can get you up to 6 miles per hour.

The io Hawk 2.0 offers a host of smart features. Its QS-S4 display on the handlebars gives information about speed, battery status, driving mode and more. It can also be linked to the IO Hawk app, which opens up additional settings options. There is a powerful 80 lux front light and a rear brake light that makes the scooter visible in traffic at night or in bad weather conditions.

The io hawk is the only native bird of prey found in Hawaii. They are a symbol of Hawaiian royalty and are known for their lofty flight abilities. They hunt from tall perches and sometimes dive at targets from mid-flight. Common threats to io include illegal shooting, habitat degradation, pesticide use and vehicle collisions.

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