How Online Gaming Has Changed in the Last 10 Years

November 15, 2021
David Sunnyside

The last decade has seen significant growth in the gaming industry, which has never been seen before. This growth is attributed to improved technology, the modernization of gaming gadgets, the advancement of graphics that come with these games, and other factors.

The restrictions that COVID brought about have led many people to look for different ways of interacting, apart from social media platforms. There has been an increase in interactions between gamers, both young and old. This blog will focus on the growth that online gaming has experienced over the last ten years.

Online Gambling

Gambling, especially in the casinos, started in the 1600s. However, the evolution of gambling in the last ten years is exceptional, thanks to the ever-changing technology. Although gambling has often been seen as a game that mainly involves a group of friends pulling up at a casino on a Friday evening, online technology has made it easier for the providers.

The coming of smartphones has been key to the entry of online gambling. For example, $5 deposit casinos have increased in number to bulge wallets and as a mode of entertainment. With just access to the web and your smartphone, you can play in the $5 Minimum Deposit Casino since it is very convenient.

2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

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Although some might argue that both augmented reality and virtual reality date back to the early ‘90s, it is evident, they have gained momentum in the past ten years. Major tech powerhouses and communication companies seek to share this new technology that has changed the gaming industry.

Although it has not been fully developed, these players have made steps to impact the gaming industry, where both AR and VR have recorded an annual rate of 18.5%. With these people-like characters, avatars will be in the virtual environment, where people will interact with one another using unique gadgets.

A major drawback that the evolution of this technology brings is the high prices of purchasing the required gadgets to get fully immersed in the virtual world. Buying these products might be complex, but with time, the costs will lower since there will be extensive shifting in AR and VR games.

3. Video Games Tournaments

Video games tournaments, through eSports, are also taking the whole gaming industry by storm. This is because they are popular among both children, youths, and the old. Video game tournaments have been famous because one does not need to be actively involved but can just watch as entertainment. Also, they allow for multiplayer gaming, hence involving more players in a single game.

In the last decade, especially with FIFA, there has been a significant improvement in the video quality and graphics. This has also played a critical role in the increased popularity of gaming in the world. The tournaments, for example, can involve players from different corners of the world.

This kind of interaction helps pass the time, team building, and skill-sharing among themselves. These tournaments are pretty easy to access and join, thanks to the fast internet speeds available to the public

4. Mobile Gaming

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Mobile gaming entails the use of smartphones or iPads to engage in gaming. In the last decade, Mobile gaming has dominated all forms of gaming, making it the most popular gaming method. The breakthrough that comes with mobile phones is the fact that they’re easily accessible for gaming. The ease of accessing games has turned almost every other person into a gamer. Through them, people have fun to relieve their minds of a day’s work.

5. Vintage Video Games

They say old is gold. The gaming industry, just like other industries, for example, the fashion industry, might have made this statement true by updating the games that were there decades ago. The previous decade has seen an increase in the demand for these founder games from the older and younger generations. Nintendo, for instance, has updated and released Nintendo Switch to take advantage of the rising demand for games from decades ago.

An interesting fact about gaming is that it is more significant than the music and movie industries combined. It accounts for 26% of the world’s total population. In 2020 alone, the industry generated close to $155 billion in revenue. This robust growth has attracted different players from tech and non-tech companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.

Unlike others stagnating for an extended period, gaming has evolved and will continue evolving in the years to come. This growth is in terms of monetization and revolves around how money is made, for instance, through merchandise marketing.

Gaming today is seen as a form of entertainment and hobby, unlike in the past, where gamers were seen as idlers.

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