How restaurants can celebrate National Gingerbread Day with QR codes

November 12, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

National Gingerbread Day is a celebration of sweet treats and culinary creativity! Sweet tooth and gingerbread lovers gather during the festivity to share their love for the dessert.

If you're a local bakery or pastry shop, National Gingerbread Day is an excellent opportunity to showcase your gingerbread products and creations with the help of QR code technology.

On top of offering a QR code menu for your customers, bakeries and patisseries can take advantage of QR codes' versatility to increase sales, improve customer retention, and promote their products. With the versatility of QR codes, there are plenty of other useful implementations that your business can do.

Here are some of the best use cases of QR codes to celebrate National Gingerbread Day.

  1. Product inventory for products

When National Gingerbread Day hits, expect many customers to choose gingerbreads on your menu QR code! It can be challenging to be on top of everything, especially the inventory, when there are a lot of customers and activities in the store.

With QR codes printed on the packaging of each gingerbread, staff can scan the code to indicate that a purchase has been completed. Each scan is reflected in the shop's database, where it's easier for the inventory staff to keep track of supplies.

Once gingerbreads run out of shelves, the store can quickly request a restock for bakers to create another product batch. This way, customers can always have a fresh stock of gingerbreads when they visit.

QR code on the packaging

If there's a QR code placement that you don't want to miss out on, it's the packaging! This is the last thing customers see before they eat gingerbread, making it an excellent way to promote your business work, social media, and more.

What's great is that the QR code on the packaging can also include a list of ingredients, including allergens. This way, people with allergies can prevent risking their health and can celebrate National Gingerbread Day safe and sound.

QR code on the packaging can also reveal the artisanal work that goes into making gingerbread! The pastry has a long and rich history that many people may not know because it's such a typical pastry today.

When scanned, the QR code can lead to a video or YouTube URL explaining the baking process that the bakery and pastry shops put into the gingerbread.

With a dynamic QR code, the information embedded in the QR code can also be updated whenever there are new video materials.

Edible QR codes

Taking it up a notch, a new QR code technology is being developed, making it edible but still readable by a QR code scanner. Edible QR codes are first made with cookies.

Since both are pastries, bakeries can use this technology to include crucial information about gingerbread, such as ingredients and allergens. This can be more effective because customers can be encouraged to scan and check out the QR code.

Edible QR codes are made from non-toxic food tags, ensuring 100% safety for human consumption.

Gingerbread design competition

National Gingerbread Day is a celebration of creativity, so make sure your customers can participate, too!

Host a gingerbread design contest, where participants can show their creativity with their unique designs and interpretations of the beloved pastry. To enter the competition, put up a poster in the store or post on social media platforms with a QR code for Google Forms. Placing a QR code on the menu is a great idea, too.

Customers are prompted to fill out the form, including their name, email, contact information, and more. Once the bakery or patisseries get the information, they can use these details to send out newsletters and text blasts.

Final thoughts

Anticipate an engaging audience in your restaurant with these marketing ideas for National Gingerbread Day.

Consider using a QR code menu software to streamline your services during this influx. Boost engagements and improve sales during National Gingerbread Day.

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