How Tall Are Avatars?

January 27, 2024
David Sunnyside

How tall are avatars?

In the movie Avatar, the indigenous Na’vi on the fictional planet of Pandora are depicted as being significantly taller than humans. This heightened height is a key aspect of their physical appearance that distinguishes them from other humanoid species and sets them apart from the people who call Earth home.

Jake Sully, the film’s central protagonist and symbol of transformation and discovery, stands at a normal 5'9" in his human form. But his avatar form stands at an impressive 8'11".

Neytiri, the film’s other central character, is a towering figure in her own right. She’s an incredibly agile warrior and a gifted teacher who demonstrates grace and compassion even in the face of conflict. She’s a natural at both flying and taming ferocious creatures like the vicious viper wolf that rescued her from RDA forces.

Another imposing member of the Metkayina clan is Lo'ak, an awe-inspiring leader and accomplished swimmer who’s just as adept at fighting as he is in his chosen watersport. His tall stature is a perfect complement to his sense of honor and respect for those around him.

The other major characters in the film also showcase a wide range of heights, illustrating the way that an avatar’s stature can accentuate specific qualities and help drive its story forward. For example, Spider, the adopted human-Na’vi hybrid teenager, is 6'1" in his human form and reaches a commanding 10 feet as an avatar.

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