How Tall Is Ruby From On My Block?

March 28, 2024
David Sunnyside

When it comes to finding out anything about your favorite celebrities, the internet is a wondrous place. It can tell you everything from how tall they are to the names of their parents.

One such popular series is On My Block, which follows the lives of a group of friends living in Freeridge, Los Angeles. The show has captivated audiences since its premiere, and fans are curious to know more about the characters. Among the main friends, there is Monse Finnie, Jamal Turner, Jasmine Flores, Oscar 'Spooky' Diaz, and Ruby Martinez.

The character of Ruby is the smart aleck of the group, and he is the math whiz. He is not shy about expressing his opinions and always stands up for what he believes in. However, he is also insecure and prone to jealousy. Despite these weaknesses, he is a good leader and the moral conscience of the gang.

Ruby is a natural gem and its intense red color symbolizes passion and wealth. Historically, rubies were worn as a symbol of kings. Today, they are commonly used as a birthstone and an anniversary gemstone for both the 15th and 40th years of marriage.

Actor Jason Genao plays the role of Ruby on On My Block, and he is 5ft 1 1/2 inches tall. He has a number of other acting credits, including roles in Logan and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. In addition to his acting career, Genao is also an accomplished musician and singer.

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