How Tall is Yoda in Feet?

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Yoda is one of the most iconic characters in all of Star Wars, and he's also hands-down the wisest. But how much does everyone's favourite green guru actually weigh? A physicist at Wired has used some truly beautiful physics to work out the answer, and it might reveal a little something about that famous training scene on Dagobah.

To work out the weight of Yoda, physicist Rhett Allain focused on one key aspect of the character: his feet. In the scene from the original trilogy in which he's teaching Luke how to use The Force, Yoda balances on one foot while doing a single-handed handstand. The planet Dagobah is known to be very slippery, so Allain worked out that for Luke to keep his balance while Yoda stood on his single foot, the Jedi master would have to be extremely lightweight.

Another factor in the calculations was the presence or absence of Yoda's fourth foot. The Empire Strikes Back shot of him rummaging through Luke's supplies shows he has three forward-facing toes, but there's an additional digit protruding from his back that could be either a fourth toe or a prehensile heel of some kind. Various Hasbro action figures of Yoda have featured three, four or five toes in a variety of arrangements, but Revenge of the Sith toys eventually molded a fourth toenail on the ambiguous digit, definitively making it a toe and establishing that his species has anisodactyl feet.

David Sunnyside
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