How Tall is Yoda?

November 25, 2023
David Sunnyside

Despite his small stature, Yoda was a powerful Jedi Master and a capable warrior. He was able to hold his own against the Dark Lords Darth Tyrannus and Sidious, demonstrating his ability to deflect Force Lightning with his hands, telepathically toss metal pieces thrown at him by Tyrannus, levitate a sunken Senate hoverpod, and more.

Throughout his long life, he trained generations of Jedi. He was a caring and wise teacher who consoled and instructed, but was quick to discipline his students when they broke the rules. He was also a skilled negotiator, and was able to mediate disputes between the Wookiees and their Trandoshan neighbors.

Yoda was born 900 years before the Battle of Endor and died in 4 ABY. He lived a very long and full life, and was a very old man when he died.

The height of Yoda has never been officially disclosed in the Star Wars films or books. However, there are some clues we can use to estimate his height. First, we can look at a shot of Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back sitting in a chair. His feet do not reach the ground, so he must be about two to three feet tall.

We can also compare Yoda's size to other members of his species. His close associate Yaddle and the droid bounty hunter IG-11 are both green with pointy ears and are of similar heights. Baby Yoda also seems to be of a similar height to humans, as evidenced by his hitting all of the motor milestones of a human one-year-old.

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