How Tall Was Bruce Lee?

November 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Bruce Lee was one of the most physically impressive martial artists of all time. He could do 1500 push ups in a row, run four to five miles every morning, and lift weights three nights a week.

Lee was born in San Francisco on November 27, 1940, and moved to Hong Kong with his family when he was 13. He acted in a number of films as a child before moving back to the United States in 1959. He studied a combination of Wing Chun and Boxing, believing that no single style was superior to another.

At his peak, Lee stood at 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed around 145 pounds. This was a good weight for a martial artist of his size at the time, and would have allowed him to compete in full-contact fights while still remaining mobile enough to avoid injury.

Despite being so light, Lee was incredibly powerful. He was capable of breaking large blocks of wood with a single blow, and even defeated much larger opponents in real-life combat. His speed was also remarkable; he could move at such a quick pace that his kicks often seemed to travel before the camera could capture them.

Bruce Lee was famous for his philosophical quotes, but he was also a talented martial arts teacher and actor. He starred in a number of highly popular movies, including Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury, and his legacy continues to influence modern martial arts.

David Sunnyside
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