How Technology Has Proven to Connect People During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Computers and cellphones have been thought to be a distraction that isolated people from each-other, yet we can now see the valuable benefits that it has brought to people under quarantine to still be able to socialize, learn and facilitate work through webcams, and virtual tools.

Art at a sculpture garden in Slab City California near the Salton Sea

My final semester at the Illinois Institute of Technology in the United States began under normal circumstances but quickly changed. The emergence of the noval Coronavirus during the middle of the semester caused widespread confusion on how education would continue. My architecture studio class was quick to adapt to being online through Zoom webcam interface. It was strange at first but I quickly adapted and enjoyed the new way of learning. It had it positives and negatives for sure. The convenience of being able to attend class from my home was pretty cool at first.

Being a school with a very large international student population, the ability to connect in real-time with other students across the planet is truly remarkable. Even though I was born into the internet age (in my mid 20s), I still can not comprehend how this technology is even able to exist!

The value of technology is undoubtedly amazing but many older generations were not exposed to the internet until much later in their life (such as my parents and grandparents). For them I feel there is a sort of fear of the unknown with skepticism that the technology can lead to negative outcomes in society. While this is valid, I find it important to acknowledge the potential negative aspects of internet technology but to focus on the positive outcomes so we can utilize the technology to connect and improve our lives.

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What is your attitude towards technology? Has COVID changed your perspective, if so, how? Leave a comment below!


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