How Technology is Changing Human Resources

January 16, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

It is no secret that technology has offered society many new advancements. The modern workplace is included. How has technology continually changed the nature of human resources?

Employee Productivity & Engagement

The productivity and engagement of employees in the workplace are vital to ensure successful results for any company. With the implementation of new management software to help retain employee feedback, there can be changes to workplace processes for the better.

Blind Hiring Technology

Building up workplace diversity can help bring on team members from all walks of life, which can offer a great boost to any workplace. Blind hiring technology helps HR professionals take a step back and look through generous pools of applicants that can bring about much-needed diversity to any company.

Predictive Analytics

What if companies could predict employee areas that need improvement, allowing for more specific and helpful training initiatives? With predictive analytics, this can be the case. HR departments can use predictive analytics to discover areas where employee engagement may not be so present, and take a look at performance patterns that may need to be strengthened through additional training.

AI Recruitment

AI (artificial intelligence) has become a larger topic of discussion when it comes to technology advancements in today’s world, and it is no different for HR. AI has helped make the new employee recruitment process much easier for HR departments, using tech solutions such as automated resume screeners and robot interviewers.

Onboarding Becomes More Efficient

Management tools can help to collect all important new employee onboarding documents and keep them in one place for reference. Training technology such as interactive videos and online surveys can help better the onboarding process for HR departments and new employees. Technology is allowing onboarding to become a more efficient process that helps integrate new employees into the workplace without any trouble.

Communication and Compliance through Cloud Software

The workplace is constantly evolving, which means HR departments have to stay on top of new rules and make sure to comply with new laws and regulations as they are introduced. By using cloud software and other management tech tools, HR departments can maintain that constant bridge of communication with employees, while also making sure to change work laws to comply with regulations that are being put into place to protect employees and the workplace.

Technology Takes Over Administrative Tasks

Cloud computing and management software can pretty much take over the administrative tasks for HR departments, allowing them to become more hands-on with other tasks. By leaving things such as payroll, documentation handling, and even recruitment to technology, HR experts can turn to working with what can benefit the employees within the workplace, helping to align training and other workplace processes to boost employee morale and engagement. This can be helpful for any type of business, and can greatly improve employee retention as well!

Technology is changing a lot of things within the typical HR department. Fortunately, these changes are for the better, allowing the entire structure of any workplace to become more organized, productive, and engaging for any employee!


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